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Problems of Raymond mill

Source: Grinding Mill   Posted: 2020-09-27   

Non-metallic minerals has gained an extensive development in the field of ultra-fine powder applications , downstream enterprises have higher and higher requirements for non-metallic mineral products, especially for product fineness. Some problems with traditional Raymond mills have plagued mineral processing companies and equipment manufacturers. These problems are mainly manifested in:

(1) The product has low fineness. The fineness of ordinary Raymond mill is generally below 500 mesh. These devices can only occupy the lower-end powder application market, and are not suitable for the future development of China's powder industry.


(2) The mechanical failure rate is high, the power consumption is large, the noise is large, and the emission pollution is large.

The system efficiency is low, the separation effect of the product collection system is not ideal, and a large amount of fine powder cannot be effectively collected and repeated to be grinding in the system to waste power.


(3) There are mistakes in the design of the main air box duct of raymond roller mill. The larger particles in the material of the grinding area and the particles in the future are often thrown into the bellows and gathered in the tail of the volute, and continue to extend forward, so that the amount of over-wind is gradually reduced. It is easy to cause traffic jams, no powder or less powder, affecting production.


In order to solve these problems and adapt to the needs of the market, many Raymond mill manufacturers have improved and improved the traditional Raymond mills. Although through the efforts of Chinese manufacturers and R&D personnel, these problems have been improved. Raymond mill began to occupy the market. However, due to the different qualifications of various enterprises, new technologies cannot be applied in some enterprises with limited scale and weak R&D capabilities. Therefore, some problems still exist in the Raymond mill market in China to a certain extent. In fact, since the introduction of the first Raymond mill in China, related companies have been working on the improvement of Raymond mill. The technical improvement work of Raymond mill in China tends to be more efficient and practical. The inevitable need of China's market is also the inevitable development of the Raymond mill industry.