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Wheel Type Sand Washing Machine

Processing ability: 20-120 T/H
Max feeding size: <10 MM
Product Fineness: N/L
Range of application:

Clean the dust and stone powder which mixes with the final sand, so sand washing machine can improve the quality of the sand.

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Description of Wheel Type Sand Washing Machine:

Wheel Type Sand Washing Machines is a kind of water washing style washing and selecting equipment matched with the sand making machine and can clean the dust and stone powder which mixes with the final sand, so sand washing machine can improve the quality of the sand. The novel seal structure and reliable transmission, ensures the cleaning effect of dehydration. Sand washing equipment is an efficient equipment coordinate with sand making machine.

Application of Wheel Type Sand Washing Machine :

Sand washing machine is widely used in construction sites, gravel plants, concrete hydropower dam site, and other industries, which has a high cleaning, reasonable structure, large capacity, low power consumption, less loss of sand during the washing process, particularly the transmission parts of sand washing machine are separated with water and sand, so the failure rate is much lower than the common sand washing machine, sand washing is the best choice for upgrading the industry.

Working Principle of Wheel Type Sand Washing Machine:


When the sand washing machine is running, the motor drives the impeller slowly turning through the belt, reducer, after the gear reduce the speed, sand and gravel are washed into the tank to the trough and driven by the the impeller, with tumbling and grinding each other to remove sand and gravel covered the surface of the impurities, while damages to the water vapor coated layer of sand to facilitate dehydration; at the same time, adding water to form a strong water flow, timely brings small proportion of impurities and foreign matter away and discharged from washing exports of the overflow tank, then finish the cleaning action. The cleaned sand and gravel are brought away from the blade, and finally poured into the out trough by the rotation of the impeller, and then finished the cleaning process.


Characteristics of Sand Washing Machine:

01. Reasonable structure, 
02. Large capacity, 
03. Low consumption, 
04. Little loss of the sand during the washing process, 
05. Low failure rate.


Specifiaction of Sand Washing Machine:






Impeller size




Impeller rolling speed

1.178 RPM

1.177 RPM

1.179 RPM


20-50 t/h

30-60 t/h

50-120 t/h

Max.feed size

≤10 mm

≤10 mm

≤10 mm

Motor Power

5.5 kw

7.5-11 kw

11-15 kw

Reducer model




Overall dimension

3255×1982×2690 mm

3540×3000×2880 mm

3845×3000×3080 mm


Note: this specification is just reference,any changes are subject to the products.

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