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Common questions for Raymond mill grinding plant?

Source: Grinding Mill   Posted: 2020-09-27   

When the customers consult a Raymond Mill and plan to buy one mill from a company, the customers often get the same suggestion: Raymond mill is ok but not the best choice, how about high pressure grinding mill? And then they will introduce the advantages of high pressure grinding mill. Many clients do not understand why they title of Raymond mill but not sale them.




Raymond mill has great fame in grinding mill machine, even in current grinding mill machines market. It is just its fame that makes it known to people even it is not suitable to be produced and sold currently. The main reasons are as following:
Firstly, the cost of production is high. With the same capital, high pressure grinding mill can produce more fine powder.
Secondly, the limitation of technology. Raymond roller mill can not meet the requirement of larger capacity and finer output size.
Thirdly, the requirement of environmental and other criterion.


High Pressure Grinding Mill is improved on the base of Raymond mill, which selects its essence and removes its dross, and become a modern and practical grinding mill machine.Thus it has become a replaceable grinding mill machine of Raymond mill.